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Who We Are

This community health clinic has been hub of alternative health care options in the Region of Waterloo for 35+ years. We are a group of highly dedicated, educated, and regulated health care providers with a proven track record of distinguished performance in our health care services.

We treat, empower and coach you on how to support and solve your health problems naturally so you experience improved health outcomes. We help you be yourself, as fully and naturally as you can.

For many people, their first introduction to chiropractic, naturopathic and massage comes when they are seeking relief of their symptoms as naturally as possible or when all other health care options have not given the results they want.

Whether chiropractic, naturopathy or massage are your first-choice options, or you are seeking us because other methods have failed, relief and elimination of your symptoms is a top priority.


Assessment and Acute Care

Our regulated health care providers relieve and eliminate pain, inflammation and unwanted symptoms by using various treatment solutions that speed up and assist the natural healing of the body. Phase 1 typically requires 1-6 weeks of regular treatments. During this phase, treatment is aimed at bringing your body into a higher level of function.

As unwanted symptoms improve, it is common for people to confuse the relief that they experience from phase 1 care with complete recovery. Continuing into phase 2 care usually helps to avoid relapses in pain and unwanted symptoms. Phase 2 is an investment in your health and future and is the phase of care where maximum healing is achieved.

Corrective and Restorative Care

Pain and other unwanted symptoms are oftentimes late indicators of disease and illness. In these cases, symptoms only appear after their underlying diseases and conditions have become advanced. Typically, pain arrives late and leaves early. Effective chiropractic, naturopathic and massage treatments often relieve symptoms quickly, although much of the underlying condition remains unhealed.

Fortunately, many health conditions do respond to corrective care. Corrective and restorative care is the heart and the soul of any chiropractic, naturopathic and massage approach to health and healing. Identifying and treating the underlying causes of symptoms, conditions and diseases is what natural healthcare is all about.

The level of a patient/client’s motivation to self-care, which includes health enhancing lifestyle changes, and being able to follow clinical recommendations from their regulated health care provider, will have a direct impact on the frequency of appointments and length of the corrective and restorative treatment phase.

Wellness and Prevention Care

While many people falsely believe that if they are “symptom-free, they are as healthy as can be”, the ideal time to be checked and treated is before symptoms occur. When you make regular assessments/evaluations and treatments with your chiropractor, naturopath and massage therapist a part of your lifestyle, you deter the establishment of disease and ensure the maximum function and health of your nervous system, tissues and organs. It’s the best way of maintaining a high level of health despite the ever-present stress under which we all live. Regular care helps prevent the effects of unwanted and accumulated physical and mental stress. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”