Your safety is important

Affinity Health Clinic ensures the quality of natural medicines we prescribe are pure and are processed to high standards to retain their highest quality and potency. This will increase the likelihood of better treatment outcomes for you. We will only prescribe natural medicines from companies that we would take ourselves.

Naturopathic Doctors are trained to check for interactions between your pharmaceutical medication and natural medicines.

To purchase supplements, choose the option that works for you.

In Person – please call or email your orders ahead of time

  • We stock a variety of select professional supplement products.
  • If we do not carry the exact supplement you need, we will order it in or help you order it online.

Order by phone or email

  • Onsite products can be ordered by phone or email and delivered to your home or office. 

You are not obligated to purchase supplements from Affinity Health Clinic. BUT, when you buy your natural medicines directly from Affinity Health Clinic, know that you are giving back to the community through us when we sponsor community events.