Connect with Nature for Improved Health

North Americans now spend 93% of their lives either in buildings or vehicles.

The human body is nature. When we begin to live outdoors, every aspect of health benefits, from physiology to spirit, providing us with the best conditions in which to recover from illness and rebalance from a highly artificial world.

Forest Bathing or daily contact with nature (park, well-treed neighborhoods) lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system, increases energy, decreases anxiety, depression and anger.

Open Your Windows

Vent your bedroom (if you haven’t already) for 15 minutes, once in the morning after waking and then again before going back to bed. Rate your sleep (0-10)

Ground Yourself

Grounding (physical reconnection of the body to the earth) has the effect of reducing pain, decreasing inflammation, improving sleep, speeding up healing time, reducing blood pressure, increases one’s ability to handle stress, improves jet lag, and improves energy. The earth’s surface is also the largest source of free electrons, which flow into the body when connection is made.

Test this yourself by rating a given pain (0-10), then place your bare feet in direct contact with the moist soil. Observe how the pain decreases, often within a half hour.

Author: Marcin Padlewski, B Arch, ND

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