Symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis Often Flare Up During Solid Food Introduction

An inflammatory, pruritic skin condition associated with altered skin barrier function. Signs and symptoms are typically: itchy red rash, skin may be dry or thickened with excoriation. Location of the rash in infants typically begins on the scalp, face/cheeks, or extensor surfaces of arms and legs but can be anywhere.

Some strategies our Naturopathic Doctors use to prevent and treat AD:


Exclusively breastfeeding has many benefits including decreased risk of AD especially those with a family history of atopy. Affinity Health Clinic can offer support and resources if you face difficulties with breastfeeding.

Food Sensitivity 

Recent evidence suggests that antigen avoidance during pregnancy does not reduce risk of AD, but that avoidance during breastfeeding may be beneficial. When introducing food to an infant removing cow dairy and egg and other foods are important to consider. Having parents become aware of appropriate methods of solid food introduction and awareness of signs of reaction is important.

Probiotics (Good Bacteria)

A significant amount of evidence show that probiotics during pregnancy and breastfeeding significantly reduce the incidence of infant AD. We sell high quality probiotics at Affinity Health Clinic. A probiotic product must have at least 1 billion species of probiotic to be therapeutic. Eating yoghurt is healthy but is not a medicinal source of probiotics.

Vitamin D

Maternal supplementation with vitamin D during pregnancy is associated with significantly increased cord blood vitamin D status, and subsequent reduced risk of AD. Due to the safety and widespread beneficial effects of vitamin D, supplementation during pregnancy, breastfeeding and infancy at an appropriate dose is beneficial for prevention and treatment of AD.

Essential fatty Acids (EFA) 

Fish oil consumption during pregnancy has been repeatedly shown to reduce incidence of AD in infants and similar results have been shown in breastfeeding. Supplementing with Evening primrose Oil (EPO) for children with AD has been shown to be effective for symptom reduction.

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