Amy Wendy Guilhauman – Registered Nurse

Save your feet. Have better comfort and better quality of life with Registered Nurse Medical Foot Care.

Out of great compassion, and wanting to serve and care for others, Amy Wendy Guilhauman, RN graduated from Nursing School at Conestoga College in 1998. She has practiced Nursing at: McMaster Hospital, Listowel Hospital, Stratford General Hospital and Grand River Hospital. Throughout her 18+ years she worked in surgical units, geriatrics, the recovery room and dialysis. Through these experiences Amy realized feet are such a neglected part of the body especially when illness and injury strikes.

Seeing one too many amputations of toes and limbs that could have been avoided with good medical foot care led Amy to launch Heel~n~Hands in 2011 with a mission to help people save their feet.

Amy named her business Heel~n~Hands because she wanted to bring a healing, therapeutic aspect to touching ones feet; a laying on of hands if you will. I like knowing that I can make a difference and impact so many lives in such a positive way!

Amy Wendy Guilhauman RN was born and raised in the Waterloo Region. She currently lives in Wilmot Township and enjoys all that this area has to offer with her family.

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